How to: Connect to a GIS server with ArcMap

Some of the datasets on Atlas are offered as web services. The GOHSEP 2010 imagery, for example, has been cached as a statewide basemap and published as a web service. This web service can be opened in GIS software like ArcMap as a convenient alternative to downloading all of the image files individually and combining […]

How to: Open files downloaded from Atlas

Using lidar data as an example, this tutorial uses a free GIS application, QGIS, to demonstrate how to open and view files downloaded from Atlas. Opening vector data Opening raster data Labeling vector data. Opening vector data Points, lines, and polygons are examples of vector data. In addition to geometry, features in vector files can have attributes. In […]

How to: Download data from Atlas

There are two options for downloading data from Atlas: Download individual files using the map. Download files in bulk using FTP. Download individual files using the map Most datasets on Atlas have a map “downloader” where you can zoom to your area of interest and click quads or footprints to download files for that area. For an example […]