1998 DOQQ imagery added     August 7, 2016

Another addition to the DOQQ series: the 1998 dataset has been posted with a map downloader and FTP access. The quarter-quad MrSID files will be compiled into a mosaic so a basemap can be offered on Atlas as a web service. That service will be online soon. For now, the downloader shows an Esri basemap […]

2004 DOQQ imagery added     August 4, 2016

The DOQQ 2004 dataset has been copied here to the new Atlas site. The images cover the┬ástate at 1-meter resolution in color infrared, although several quarter-quads appear to be missing in the dataset taken from the old Atlas site. The other DOQQ datasets available on the old Atlas (1998 and 2005) are next in line […]